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Enjoy a romantic evening indulging in the gastronomic wonders of Alleys Restaurant & Bar.

Alleys All day Menu
Salads & Appetizers
Alleys Salad(Vg)
Santorini cherry tomatoes with local cucumber, capers, carob rusk, pickles & Niotiko white cheese.
12,00 €
Caesar Salad
Mixed green leafs with seared pork pancetta, Naxos Gruyere cheese flakes, garlic flavored bread croutons & original Caesar dressing.
Add chicken breast 3€
Healthy Bowl(V)
Greek bulgur marinated with tomato & fresh parsley, curried chickpeas , avocado, green olives, spinach leafs & lemon dressing.
14.00 €
Add fresh salmon 6€
or chicken breast 3€
Aegean dips(Vg)
Santorini Fava & caramelised onions (V) / Tzatziki with yogurt, cucumber & garlic / Spicy white cheese mousse. Served with pita bread.
14.00 €
Seabass Ceviche
Fillet of fresh seabass marinated in "Tiger's milk" dressing, Aji chili pepper, onion, fennel, cucumber, radish & Mediterranean herbs.
18.00 €
Pita Club Sandwich
Breast of chicken, bacon, spicy aioli sauce, smoked pork, gouda cheese, tomato & lettuce.
17.00 €
Souvlaki Tacos
Three mini tortilla tacos with slow cooked pancetta, tzatziki yogurt sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion.
16.00 €
Smoked Salmon Ciabatta
Open Ciabatta sandwich with avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber, radish, baby arugula leafs, yogurt & dill dressing.
18.00 €
Angus mini Burgers
Three mini Beef burgers. Smoked Metsovone cheese & tomato chutney / Bacon & caramelized onions / Cucumber pickles & spicy aioli.
21.00 €
Vegan Burger(V)
Beyond meat® patty with homemade vegan tartar sauce, marinated mushrooms, tomato, lettuce & onion.
18.00 €
Pasta & Main Course
Mediterranean Pasta*(V)
Pasta in roasted tomato sauce with eggplants, zucchini, peppers & Kalamata olives.
*Pasta: choose between Traditional Cretan Pasta or Linguini
16.00 €
Smoked Pancetta & Mushrooms Pasta*
Pasta in white sauce with smoked pancetta, mushrooms, fresh spinach & Greek Pecorino cheese.
*Pasta: choose between Traditional Cretan Pasta or Linguini
17.00 €
Beef Steak
Pan seared beef steak with herb butter, served with handcuted potato fries, arugula salad with Gruyere cheese flakes & balsamic dressing.
23.00 €
Desserts & Fruits
White chocolate & coconut mousse with passion fruit & pineapple compote, lime meringue & mango sorbet.
10.00 €
Chocolate Textures
Milk chocolate crémeux with brownie, chocolate crumble, chocolate sauce & vanilla ice-cream.
10.00 €
Acai Bowl(V)
Frozen acai base with red fruits, banana, nuts granola, shredded coconut & maple syrup.
9.00 €
Greek Yogurt Bowl
Natural Greek yogurt bowl with seasonal fruits, nuts & Organic honey.
9.00 €
Seasonal Fruits Platter
12.00 €
Ice cream Selection
2,50 € / Scoop

(V): Vegan
(Vg): Vegetarian
*All the sandwiches are served with handmade potato fries or mixed salad

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