A Culinary Experience

Enjoy a romantic evening indulging in the gastronomic wonders of Alleys Restaurant & Bar.

Alleys All day Menu
Salads & Snacks
Kallisti's Salad(Vg)
Santorini cherry tomatoes with local cucumber, capers, carob rusk, pickles & Niotiko cheese
12,00 €
Pita Club Sandwich
Breast of chicken, bacon, spicy aioli sauce, smoked pork, gouda, tomato & letuce
16,00 €
Tambouleh Salad(V)
Traditional Greek bulgur, curried chickpeas marinated with tomato & fresh parsley, avocado, green olives & lemon dressing
14.00 €
Souvlaki Tacos
Three mini tortilla tacos with slowcooked pancetta, tzatziki sauce, letuce, tomato & onion
16.00 €
Chicken Salad
Grilled breast of chicken served on top of fresh coleslow salad with dijon mustard & white balsamic dressing
16.00 €
Smoked Salmon Wrap
Tortilla wrap with smoked salmon, letuce, cucumber, avocado, capers, Yogurt & dill dressing
17.00 €
Aegean dips (Vg)
Santorini Fava & caramelised onions / Tzatziki with yogurt, cucumber & garlic / Spicy white cheese mousse. Served with pita bread
14.00 €
Angus Duo Burgers
Two mini Beef burgers with smoked Metsovone cheese & tomato chutney / Bacon & caramelized onions
19.00 €
Mediterranean Pasta*(V)
Pasta in roasted tomato sauce with eggplants, zucchini, peppers & Kalamata olives
17,00 €
Smoked Pancetta & Mushrooms Pasta*
Pasta in white sauce with smoked pancetta,mushrooms, fresh spinach & Greek Pecorino cheese
18,00 €
Beef giouvetsi
Slow cooked Beef cheeks served with orzo pasta in tomato & Santorini red wine sauce with spices, herbs & goat cheese cream
21.00 €
"Cheese Cake"
Deconstracted cheese cake with Mascarpone mousse, fresh red fruits & buttered almond crumble
9.00 €
Summer Brownie
Milk chocolate Namelaka with brownie, chocolate crumble, chocolate sauce & vanilla ice-cream
9.00 €
Seasonal Fruits Platter
12,00 €
Ice cream Selection
2,50 € / Scoop

(V): Vegan
(Vg): Vegetarian
*All the sandwiches are served with handmade potato fries or mixed salad

Alleys Wine List
Glass of Wine
Samaropetra Kir-Yianni Estate/Sauvignon Blanc - Roditis
9 €
Akakies Kyr Yianni/Xinomavro
8 €
MM Sigalas Domain Santorini/Mavrotragano Mandilaria
9 €
Vinsanto Hatzidakis Winery/Assyrtiko 800%-Aidani 20%
15 €
Local Wine white/red
8 €
Greek White Wines (Bottle)
Thalasstis Gaia Wines/Assyrtiko-PDO Santorini
65 €
Kavalieros Sigalas Domain Santorini/Assyrtiko 100% - Single Vineyard
81 €
Santorini Gavalas Winery/Assyrtiko-PDO Santorini
51 €
Malagouzia Gerovasiliou Estate/Malagouzia
41 €
Samaropetra Kir-Yianni Estate/Sauvignon Blanc - Roditis
36 €
Greek Rose Wines (Bottle)
Akakies Kyr Yianni/Xinomavro
34 €
Anagalis Venetsanos Winerey/Mandilaria-Aidani Assyrtiko
55 €
Voidomato Gavalas Winery/Voidomato 100%
65 €
House Cocktails
Tangerine splash
The freshness of tangerine, mint combined with the earthy tones of vanilla and mixed with an herbal gin provides a refreshing experience like no other.
Earths potion
If you want to feel more connected to earth this is your drink, here we are combining the wonderful aroma of mint with the mellow notes of vanilla and orgeat evening things out with some lime and finally mixing some juniper heavy gin in too
Mojito twister
This needs no introduction but be prepared to be surprised with its spicy mouthfeel and minty freshness
Strong, passionate flavours of aged rums and fresh fruits take your tastebuds on a one-of-a-kind journey.
Classic cocktails
Whether you are at the pool or sitting down having dinner you can never go wrong with a negroni its rich and fulfilling nature always leaves you wanting more
Old Metaxa fashion
If you’re an old fashion lover but the heat wave keeps you from ordering your favourite cocktail, we got you covered switching out the bourbon for metaxa changing the nature of the cocktail to a more refreshing one.
A menu wouldn’t be complete without our most loved and hated ‘friend’ tequila but careful at first, she will lour you in with her smooth and citrusy flavours and then leave you with a hangover
Mai tai
Nothing better than a mai tai’s fruitiness and freshness to keep you cool during a hot day sitting by the pool
Aperol spritz
The perfect all-day drink to enjoy comes from Italy with its orange notes and prosecco body is a perfect partner in crime for a perfect day

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